Being organized means that you keep track of all scheduled schedules. It can help you not miss important events with family, friends and work, and also keep your schedule. The calendar should have daily, weekly and monthly views, and be easily connected to iCloud and other accounts. It will be easy to add appointments.

Some of the best mac tool calendars feature native macOS interfaces, that follow Apple’s design guidelines. They also include native notifications and a menu bar icon. They’ll also support Today widgets. They’ll also support multiple accounts including iCloud and Google Calendars. They’ll also provide separate calendars to accommodate work home, personal, and work occasions. They’ll help you easily identify important appointments using color-coded reminders, color-coded colors and color-coding.

Another thing to look for in a top mac tools calendar is natural processing of languages which makes it quick and simple to schedule meetings and appointments. A good calendar will provide you with the weather forecast and moon phase for the week or day of the event, as well as an overview of attendees.

The apps we have listed are excellent to manage your schedule, despite having different features. All of them are Mac-native frontends for various calendar backends. They can synchronize with apps like Zapier to automate tasks for example, creating Trello memory cards or Todoist tasks that are based on the latest events in your calendar.